Our mission is to promote sustainability by providing safe and clean water in and around lakes that are often used for recreation so you can enjoy your lake and swim in it too.

Our series of human powered Lake Cleanups and Watersport Days aims to enhance the experience of paddling or swimming in polluted waters while also promoting healthier waterways free from oil pollution, litter, storm drains, and various other pollutants.

We seek to empower lake lovers to have fun in their lakes while also doing their part to help keep our waterways as clean as possible through a series of products and events. 



THE WET CO. provides cutting-edge water-related products and services to lakers. THE WET CO. also fuels eco-friendly initiatives committed to keeping fresh water clean and enjoyable.



Get Wet. Stay Wet. To arrive  at a place of complete bliss. Where positive energy fills the atmosphere.

Have Fun. Love every minute of everything; live life like a vacation.

Leave the world a better place. Leave life better than you found it.

Get Wet. Do Good.

When you buy from us, you also make an impact. Watch this video to see how your purchase makes a difference.