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Your boat deserves to be clean, but you don't deserve the work involved.

Let Xanigo take care of it for you!

This revolutionary product is made with the latest technology to protect your boat from mold and bacteria. We're talking about preventing mold before it grows, not waiting 'till after it grows.

The secret? It' all in the Xanigo Gun.

Our antimicrobial spray dries in 90 seconds and sprays microdroplets evenly so there won't be any streaks left behind.Whether you have a yacht, powerboat, sailboat, pontoon, dinghy-any boat insight can be squeaky clean and mold-free!

Enter now and get the chance to win the Xanigo Defender XD103 Extra Wet Gear Giveaway! 

1 Entry = 2 Chances to Win

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can win?

Anyone is eligible to win the contest! In order to win, contestants must be 18 years of age or older and have a valid driver’s license or ID.

How do I claim my prize?

When entering the contest be sure to provide accurate contact information including name, email address, and phone number so we can contact you in regards to claiming your prize. Notifications will be sent to participants via email address and phone number provided by the contestant. May the odds ever be in your favor. 

How do I purchase a ticket?

Purchasing a ticket to the raffle is easy! Simply select “Enter Now” and check out with your payment details to get entered into the raffle immediately. We will send you confirmation via email for your confirmation into the giveaway.

What if I buy it today and win the giveaway?

Each contestant has the option to purchase the product right away at the lowest ever advertised, ever. By purchasing the product you will automatically be entered into the contest, and you can still win! If you buy today and win the giveaway we will refund your total purchase amount.

How do you pick the winner?

Each Unboxing is followed up with our Sweepstakes & Giveaway Team running the contest and ultimately giving away AWESOME gifts and prizes to our members who participate! Every contest is monitored by our team and winners are picked randomly!

On the date of the contest, a random winner will be selected and a notification will be sent to each participant. Winners will be notified by phone or email within 24 hours of the finished contest.

In the event we cannot contact the winner, a notification will be sent to participants, and a new drawing date will be established.

What does it mean to be in the Extra Wet Club?

Extra Wet Club Members look to us for quality marine products at a great value, and now they turn to us for even more amazing products at an even greater value! We are on the hunt for the most REVOLUTIONARY BOATING & WATER PRODUCTS to hit the marine industry and now we’re giving them away to our customers! Extra Wet Club Members get special access to discounts, new products, a private member dashboard, WetBucks, access to tons of ongoing special prizes, gifts, giveaways, prizes, events, and much, much, more. A portion of all the proceeds are donated directly back to local streams, lakes, and other waterways to provide a cleaner safer environment for boaters, swimmers, and water lovers.

1 Entry = 2 Chances to Win